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Penngrove Power and Implement Museum

“Come feel the Power!”

Our Mission statement

To show the transition from human and animal power through steam, diesel, gas, and electrical machinery as our country evolved.

The Penngrove Power and Implement Museum is dedicated to preserving in working condition the equipment and machinery that have helped transition our country from manual labor and animal power to external power sources such as steam, internal combustion – diesel, gas and electricity.

Penngrove Power Up Event

Come see all our equipment and Machines power up on the second Saturday each July!

Our biggest event of the year is our anuual Power Up where you can see all of our early American Machinery work in the original way they were meant to operate.  All of our machinery is in working condition!

For more details regarding this event click here: Penngrove Power Up Event


Would you like to Volunteer?

We have many people who volunteer their time to our cause for a multitude of different reasons.  Whatever it is you do or whatever skills you have, we would be glad to have you.  Or perhaps you want to step away from your day to day activities and learn something new, all while experiencing the wonderful living history of America’s past machinery.  You can help us restore early American machinery, learn how to operate the exhibits first hand or help us with our festivities.  The first Saturday of every month we have volunteer days open to the public.  We can find something for you to do… Come on down or contact us.  Just fill our the form on our Volunteer Page!

Contact Us Today for more information: Click Here

Main Exhibits and Other Exhibits

We showcase finest collection of Early American Machinery and Early Industrial Power!

We have a lot for you to see!  We only show a limited number of exhibits on our webpage because to truly capture the beauty of our museum, you have to come experience it in person.  With that said, we do some previews on this website of the types of things you will see when visiting our exclusive collection of early American Industrial Power!

Here is a Preview of our Main Exhibits. Click Here

Here is a Preview of Other ExhibitsClick Here

And there is more! View our Photo Gallery: Click Here

Membership and Donation Opportunities

Become a member and get exclusive access to our Museum!

We are a non profit museum and fueled by the wonderful people who volunteer their time, purchase memberships and donate to our cause.  We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to donate to our cause.  With that said, your donations are greatly appreciated!  They keep our dream alive and allow us to share the wonderful past of America’s first machinery with the public.  Below is a list of our annual memberships that we sell to fund the museum.

Annual Membership Opportunities:

“Stationary Engineer” - Email Newslettter, T-Shirt, 1 day private show, Run the Fairbanks Morse! – $500.00


“Train Engineer Hand” - Email Newslettter, T-Shirt, 1 day private show, Pilot our Train! – $250.00


“Wrench Hand” - Email Newslettter, T-Shirt, 1 day private show – $100.00


“Machinist” – Email Newslettter and T-Shirt $50.00


“Parts Washer Membership” – Email Newsletter Subscription $30.00