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The New Huber Penngrove Museum

The New Huber

FINALLY  we have the missing link, STEAM.

This arrived from Loop City, Nebraska in April 2013.  It is a  1913 New Huber steam traction engine and is now restored and running thanks to over 30 volunteers who gave of their time, expertise and $. Check out the video of the unloading on the volunteer page.



Fairbanks-Morse Big Six

450 Hp 1930 Fairbanks Morse Diesel engine. This is our Fairbanks Morse 6 cylinder engine running; you can see the smoke rings.  This engine was attached to a generator to make electricity for a sawmill in Orleans, CA.  The exhaust was originally piped underground for sound and fumes control.  It has 450 HP @ 300 RPM and weights 70,000 lbs.  It was delivered to the ranch   when the museum was only an idea in 1993.  It took 3 forklifts and a hay squeeze to lift it, the truck drove away, and the cribbing was removed from the trailer and placed on the ground under the engine which was then lowered into place.  Later the cement blocks were poured.  A roof was added and even later canvas curtains for the sides to protect this wonderful example of POWER in early America from the elements.


Fairbanks-Morse Y-VA

Fairbanks Morse company was started by a prolific inventor, Thaddeus Fairbanks, in 1893 in Vermont to manufacture 2 of his inventions, a plow and a heating stove. One of his inventions, the platform scale, was the basis of his great enterprise.  His company   moved to Chicago and was in many American and Canadian cities. They got into the diesel engine business in 1912 when Rudolf Diesel’s American license expired.  Beginning with the model Y then the Y-VA.

Fairbanks-Morse Y-VA Penngrove

Fairbanks-Morse Single

This single cylinder engine spent it’s early life running a water pump to fill an irrigation pond. It ran 24-7 for 6 months a year watering produce in the central valley of California.  Next it spent 20 years all apart in several storage sheds waiting for Steve and crew to bring it to Penngrove.  3 weeks after arriving it was together and running to be trucked all over California to engine shows big and small.  With the advent of the Penngrove Power and Implement Museum in 1997 it travels no more but WOWS onlookers as it runs the factory implements inside the museum.

R4360 CornCob airplane engine Penngrove Power Museum

R4360 CornCob airplane engine

Pratt Whitney R 4360 Wasp Engine 3,000 Hp @ 2600 RPM.  Steve and Nicky Yeager working on the engine which came from the Suma Corporation which was Howard Hughes’ “catch all” corporation.  We believe this was actually on his H4 Hercules airplane when it did it’s one and only flight.  The airplane was  fondly known as the “Spruce Goose” as it was made with spruce wood covered in fabric.

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